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My Philosophy

phi-lo-so-phy - (n) the rational investigation of questions about existence, knowledge and ethics; love and pursuit of wisdom by intellectual means and moral self-discipline.

I have always felt I could understand more of this life by trying to look through the eyes of my fellow man. In order for me to understand what this world has to offer and what it has become, I imagine myself on the other side looking in, as opposed to always looking outwardly. My images, to me anyway, are simply a moment in time viewed from the eyes of those whom have either been there already in the past, or are dreaming of being there in the future. They are not meant to be an arrogant statement of my travels and experiences, but rather a means to burn images in my mind that allow me to share these travels and experiences with others.

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Auschwitz - Birkenau II, Krakow, Poland

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John Moretti

(530) 520-0076

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John Moretti
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My Philosophy
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