Hi! I'm Manny! Welcome to my new photo page where I share my recent trip to Europe. It was a long and arduous backpacking trip with my buddy, John. I showed him the sites as he tagged along. He even carried my pack for me since it outweighed me by 45 pounds!
The trip started in Palo Alto, CA. It was an early flight out to Rome. John said it would cost more to bring a monkey, so he hid me inside his pack. I almost got caught when I had to use the lavatory on board the airplane. To the right is a picture of me tethered to the outside of the pack. John told me to watch his back in the train station, as pickpockets are everywhere. >>>
<<< The Sistine Chapel in the Vatican was amazing. I saw Michelangelo's work, but I was a bit disappointed that there were not hyroglyphics of pre-man painted on the walls. I had a hard time relating.
The trains were fun and fast! There was so much to see, and it all went by so quickly. This is a picture of me going to see the sites around the city. >>>
<<< Here I am at the Colliseum in Rome. It was huge, and was a spectacle to behold. It was sad to hear that so many animals were killed here, but I was glad no monkeys were hurt.
Always on the move! Got to see as much as possible before we have to move onto the next city. This is me on a trolley in Krakow, Poland. We are on our way to see a museum. Not sure which one, since they are all so alike. Besides, I can't read the map or brochures. >>>
<<< A great picture of me overlooking Nürnberg, Germany. This was taken from high above the city from the Nürnberg Castle. Our hotel was on the other side of the city, and it was a long walk and hike up to the castle. John let me swing from a tree up there.
John took the lower bunk. I wanted the top. Here we just finished a long day out and are getting ready for bed. Our legs were quite worn out. >>>
<<< Took a moment to hang out at St. Peter's Square at the Vatican. They were setting things up for the Easter holiday coming up. We mananged to climb up to the top of the dome in the background, and walk up behind those statues you see lined up on the precipice.
Here I am at the Wieliczka Salt Mine in Krakow, Poland. This salt mine is one of the oldest in the world, as it is still mined for the past 900 years. Everything below the earth is made of salt, even this statue. There is a whole cathedral down there for the miners to visit without going up top. I'm at the base of the statue if you look hard. Even the walls and the base of the statue are made of salt! >>>
<<< This whole laundry business really pissed me off. I had to watch the clothes dry while John went to get a caffe latte. I don't even wear clothes.
From the window of the Hotel in Krakow, Poland. It rained some, but we managed to get out when it dried out. >>>
<<< Ever been in cold weather without a jacket? Try it without pants. Here I'm freezing my balls off in the Swiss Alps. The altitude on this rock is 11,750ft. Enough to get you dizzy. The weather was unusually mild and very sunny. You could see into France and Germany!
If the snow wasn't enough to freeze me out, John said it would be cool to take a picture inside the underground Ice Palace. This place is actually inside the mountain, formed by a glacier on Mt. Jungfrau, the tallest peak in all of Europe. >>>
<<< More testing of my testicles.
The Ice Castle was fun, but I was ready for a hot bath and a cup of java. >>>
<<< The cold really made me sleepy. Here we are on our way to Rome again to go home to California.